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STARING LINE Custom Air Force One

May 16,2022 | paintedbrother

About a month ago, we received a custom request from the STARING LINE team, a Chicago-based early-stage venture capital fund that invests in best-in-class consumer startups and brands. Our design team quickly provided several designs according to their requirements. After many rounds of pleasant and effective communication, we finalized a style with a lake blue as the main color and a gradient style with the brand logo within one day, and agreed to complete the delivery of the samples in one week. A week later we received positive feedback from the STARING LINE team about the samples. After confirming the size and communicating with some detail improvements, the STARING LINE team immediately placed an order for 90 pairs and requested to complete the delivery within 20 days. After nearly 6 days of cooperation by our team, the production was successfully completed. Although the process is difficult but also very happy, let's take a look at our results together.

first draft of design


finished product


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