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Men's 3.5/Women's 5/EU35.5
Men's 3.5/Women's 5/EU35.5
Men's 4/Women's 5.5/EU36
Men's 4.5/Women's 6/EU36.5
Men's 5 /Women's 6.5/EU37.5
Men's 5.5/Women's 7/EU38
Men's 6/Women's 7.5/EU38.5
Men's 6.5/Women's 8/EU39
Men's 7/Women's 8.5/EU40
Men's 7.5/Women's 9/EU40.5
Men's 8/Women's 9.5/EU41
Men's 8.5/Women's 10/EU42
Men's 9/Women's 10.5/EU42.5
Men's 9.5/Women's 11/EU43
Men's 10/Women's 11.5/EU44
Men's 10.5/Women's 12/EU44.5
Men's 11/Women's 12.5/EU45
Men's 11.5/Women's 13/EU45.5
Men's 12/Women's 13.5/EU46
Men's 12.5/Women's 14/EU47
Men's 13/Women's 14.5/EU47.5

PAINTED BROTHER   Accepts custom orders, please feel free to contact us and send the pictures you want to paint on shoes! This is not a print, not applique and factory design.
It's 100% handmade! I paint with high-quality acrylics for fabric and can be applied directly on the canvas. More than anything, this kind of paint can be waterproof, permanent, light-fast.
Each design is professionally hand painted customized with names, quotes, dates, and your favorite colors.
Each shoe is uniquely designed and hand-painted.
Free shipping to worldwide!


If you are interested in this design on different shoes or for a different team, just send us a custom order form!
Water proof pigment is used on all shoes of Paintedbrother, so you can wash the shoes, but please DO NOT brush the paint heavily or use any bleach, washing machine is not allowed

Price included shoes and artwork.

When ordering please provide in the buyer's notes if you wish to add something like initials or a name.

We Free shipping worldwide
Process Time: 2-5 working days
Shipping time: 3-7 working days